In my new book I share:

  • Why we sabotage our own success and how to break free!
  • Typically our blocks are learned limits from people we grow up around and experiences we had BUT it doesn't have to stay that way.
  • ​Learn how freeing it is to remove limiting blocks and be the best version of you.

Chris Crawford ~ Author of Stop Sabotaging Your Success

You feel greatness inside
Because it's possible.

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For years I felt a calling but wasn't staying focused and making it happen.

I knew what to do but just wasn't doing it. It was frustrating.

Days, Weeks and Months would go by...

I FELT CAPABLE OF GREATNESS but I wasn't getting anywhere!

I went to events, took courses, read books, listened to podcasts and on and on...

Sometimes we just think we'll figure it out. We think we'll find the answer some day and make it happen.

What I learned is that it won't happen unless we do something about it!

​This is why most people will never find the level of success they feel called to in their heart!


​Are any of these you?

  • You work super hard but don't seem to get there?
  • ​You have a lot of ideas​ and get confused about what to focus on?
  • Your results are inconsistent. Some weeks or months are good and some aren't?
  • ​You see other people succeed in your space and feel like you could do what they are doing?
  • ​Sometimes you're in the zone and sometimes you're distracted and scattered?
  • ​You keep thinking you just need to learn the right strategy but it doesn't quite click?!

I started asking:

​What does it feel like I work so hard and it doesn't happen?

That led me on a journey to figure out why.

I became certified in a variety of therapies and mindset work.

What I learned blew my mind.

I'd never heard this anywhere.

It's actually so simple.

Our mind intentionally sabotages us
to keep us safe.

Sounds weird but it's true.

The mind is afraid of things that are new.

And there is a way to breakthrough it.

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After learning how to break through...

  • I created a business that's done $13 million in online sales
  • ​Shared stages with some of my biggest mentors
  • ​Written a couple books​​
  • ​Started travelling with my family
  • ​Shared this message with 1000's of people
  • ​Started sharing more authentically on social media

Just using the tools I share in this book.

Get A FREE Audiobook Copy and break through to another level of focus in just minutes a day!

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I had a client that felt stuck in her business.

She read books, went to events, did the journalling and meditating, hired coaches, joined groups...

And she was STILL STUCK.

We started doing weekly calls and she took her business to $37 million in sales the next year!

The problem was her mind wasn't focusing and aligning with what she wanted.

She had fears of being successful and would sabotage herself to try and protect herself

When she was young her parents judged wealthy she had an unconscious fear that if she became wealthy she would be judged by people she loves!

So her mind would distract her with:
Books, studying, events, courses, podcasts, new ideas, etc.

It's a strategy her mind was using to stop her from becoming successful!

Can you see how simple and powerful that is?

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You Can Breakthrough
and Create Your Vision.


  • More Focus and Productivity
  • ​Have more discipline
  • Create what you truly want to create
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • ​Make a difference in the world
  • ​Become financially free
  • Live Your Life With Purpose

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